Book 5 Dangerous Alliances Paperback (Free Shipping)

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Book 5 Dangerous Alliances Paperback (Free Shipping)

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Dangerous Alliances Book 5 of the Wild and Dangerous Adventure Series - Author Graham Vivian Lancaster

Each book has 3 short stories.

Darryl and S’bu are back again in the fast and exciting, ‘Dangerous Alliances,’ the fifth book in the action packed ‘Wild And Dangerous’ series.

Snow Hill Ranch

Trouble erupts when Devin and Sheila Cavisham want to buy another farm and Darryl and S’bu go with them in their new Land Rovers to look it over. The boys soon realize sinister things are happening on the farm and investigate.

Ducking And Diving

They are suddenly restricted to where they can and can not go and what they can tell Grandfather. Darryl and S’bu are unhappy with the subterfuge and Darryl confronts Makosi Amakulu.

Dangerous Alliances

Daryl and S’bu meet their new neighbours, Sindi and Vivienne.

What happens when a reasonable man is pushed too far? Granddad Cavisham decides enough is enough when the black mamba is set at him and he explodes into action.

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