Book 10 Wild Oceans Paperback

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Book 10 Wild Oceans Paperback
Book 10 Wild Oceans Paperback

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Wild Oceans Book 10 of the Wild and Dangerous Adventure Series - Author Graham Vivian Lancaster

Each book has 3 short stories

Packed with action, excitement, adventure and fun,

‘Wild Oceans,’ with Darryl and S’bu is the tenth book in the popular action packed ‘Wild And Dangerous’ series.

Documentary Of Dolphins

Kaitlyn films a documentary as a tribute to Darryl and S’bu, swimming with Jula and the Purples.

She captures some amazing scenes and realizes it is too good not to be shared.

 A Motion Picture  Grows

Makosi Amakulu watches in her fire on Cave Mountain as the documentary swells into something far larger with tremendous potential. Gerry is brought in to get the scoop on the story and advise them.  He brings exciting news.

Darryl and S’bu sense Faura and his family are flying in. There is much excitement at seeing them and Katie again but they are suspicious that two microlight instructors have come to visit? 



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