Book 7 Awakening Africa Paperback

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Book 7 Awakening Africa Paperback
Book 7 Awakening Africa Paperback

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Awakening Africa Book 7 of the Wild and Dangerous Adventure Series - Author Graham Vivian Lancaster

Each book has 3 short stories


Packed with breath taking action, adventure and on the edge danger ‘Awakening Africa,’ with Darryl and S’bu is the seventh book in the ‘Wild And Dangerous’ series.

 Mister Myeko

Lions break in on Mr. Myeko, Darryl and S’bu early one morning and they are lucky to survive.

Crocodile River

Lions take down a buffalo calf but the buffalo aren’t going to put up with that.

Dawn Breaks Over Africa 

S’bu and Darryl are riding with the motorbike crew capturing impala when things take a nasty turn.


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