Book 3 Cyclone Tracy Paperback (Free Shipping)

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Book 3 Cyclone Tracy Paperback (Free Shipping)
Book 3 Cyclone Tracy Paperback (Free Shipping)

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Cyclone Tracy Book 3 of the Wild and Dangerous Adventure Series  - Author Graham Vivian Lancaster

Each book has 3 short stories.

Darryl and S’bu are back again in the fast and exciting, ‘Cyclone Tracy,’ the third book in the action packed ‘Wild And Dangerous’ series.

Ahead Of  The Storm : The boys have gone to visit Mr. Zondi before the storm but Cyclone Tracy arrives ahead of schedule. The bridge washes away and there is a terrible accident but the boys effect a daring rescue.

Storm River Rescue : The flooded river is like an enraged brown beast sweeping houses and villagers away. Darryl and S’bu take the powerful rubber duck to rescue them in heart stopping action.


A Terrible Thing : The river is wilder the following day as S’bu and Darryl rescue a man from amongst the sharks. Grandfather is worried about their safety and calls in an army helicopter.

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