Nuovo Baby Play Mat - Deluxe (Free Shipping)

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Nuovo Baby Play Mat - Deluxe (Free Shipping)
Nuovo Baby Play Mat - Deluxe (Free Shipping)

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This Square play mat is a multi play product with 3 ways to play. This playmat is a bright and fun way to get babies to interact and get some early exercise. This extra large play mat has an overhead toy mobile. It is also ideal for tummy time fun. Allow your baby to sit and play with all kinds of toys. This play mat can be used indoors and outdoors, at any time of the day. It has music features too and will keep baby entertained for hours. Do your daily activities and have piece of mind knowing that baby is stimulated, safe and having fun! This set also includes a prop- up pillow.  Use for tummy time, gyming, stimulation, relaxing and play time. This product is mainly pink in colour. 


    Extra large play mat surface which allows lots of room to explore and move
    Overhead mobile 
    Can be used for tummy time 
    Normal sit and play interactive mat 
    4 toys to  reposition
    Easy to carry and store 
    Easy to machine wash and dry 
    100%Polyester batting fibre 

What comes in the box:

1 x Instruction sheet

1 x Hub 

3 x Tubes

1 x Quilt mat 

1 x Mobile over head toys

1 x  Cat  toy

1 x Monkey  toy

1 x Elephant toy

1 x Hippo toy

2 x Plastic hooks

1 x Prop pillow

2 x Bases 

Batteries required but not included

Packaging Dimensions:

69cm x 8cm x 53cm 

Product Dimensions:

85cm x 80cm

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