Strength of Ten Paperback

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Strength of Ten Paperback

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Book and Movie Trailer  Author Graham Vivian Lancaster

Tear Into It” At A Hundred Miles An Hour!

Matthew Gordon, the power behind African Consolidated Group of Companies conducts his life like the potent cars he races, dangerously fast sometimes even recklessly so. But suddenly no amount of money can change the tumbling world he finds himself in.

Caught in a vicious life-or-death struggle to save everything he has ever believed in, his family, his business, his credibility – his sanity even Gordon discovers that an elusive dark force has been propelling him towards a place where he can not escape.

What his enemy does not know and is yet to find out, is that to ensnare Matthew Gordon is the biggest mistake they could have ever made.
A man with nothing more to lose has become the iron fist of retribution.

“Unrestrained… streetwise… book of the month stuff.”
– Book Review Independent

“Could shake the very foundations of DRAMA and THRILLER —“ this is honestly very good…”..  – Book Keeper Monthly

“Enter the exhilarating world of a super venture capitalist, ambition nakedly on display, and white hot women —“ a scorching expose of the lives of the super rich.”
– Observe Society

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