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Wind Song Paperback (Free Shipping)
Wind Song Paperback (Free Shipping)

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First-class African read

WIND SONG, by East London born author Graham Lancaster, has all the ingredients for a first-class read:

Plenty of action, mystery, pathos, romance and excitement. Absorbing in its detail, this is a book not easy to put down!

Fast paced and racy, Graham's story takes the reader from the Valley of a Thousand Hills (where his engaging hero,

Trader, leaves home and family) to post war Zimbabwe. Trader's unexpected encounter on the road with the vivacious Chelsea and their instant

mutual attraction is the beginning of a tempestuous relationship. On the dance floor, at the nightclub where Chelsea is the main singing attraction, Trader also

meets the enigmatic Dr Shona Bradshaw, beautiful and lonely – taking up the challenge of her friends' dare.

Grahams descriptions – Lake Kariba in all her moods, Trader's fishing trips and camping at Charara – will strike a chord in the hearts of readers who have

experienced this magnificent lake. Trader's and Shona's ordeal attempting to rescue a party of tourists whose houseboat has capsized in the storm

and the details of the crocodile attack will have you on the edge of your seat.

A thoroughly enjoyable book. I look forward to its sequel.

Jean Wyatt

Daily Dispatch (Dispatch Online)


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